Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

It’s called “Hypertrichosis” or “Ambras Syndrome”, and it is excessive growth of hair on the body. Extensive cases have been informally referred to as “werewolf syndrome” because people who suffer from it look like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf. It is very real.

first wolf manPetrus Gonsalvus, the first recorded case of hypertrichosis

Like ordinary, non- sufferers of werewolf syndrome, these people probably like to look their best, or express their individuality. When people are chasing you with pitchforks due to ignorance it is an immense confidence boost to know that you look good. Here are three suggestions for someone with werewolf syndrome who is waiting to have their hair cut and cannot decide on a style:

  1. The Mr. Clean. Go incognito and shave all the hair off. Stay away from giant walls of Velcro when the stubble comes in.
  2. Head to bottom Mohawk. Although you would not be able to wear a shirt when it was styled, you would look like Godzilla, or a pink Stegosaurus.
  3. Perm. You would look like some sort of teddy-bear. Or poodle.



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