Science Proves Woman Make Better Hairdressors


Many years ago, the hairdressing industry was dominated by male barbers. As time went on, women decided that this was dumb and started becoming hairdressers. Then, science went ahead and proved that the women were right all along, and they do make better overall hair people.

Now, science isn’t saying that women are specifically better at cutting or styling hair. Men have no problem learning how to cut hair, but that is all they really learn how to do. Apparently, women are so good at hairdressing that they are, according to science, deemed not only hairdressers, but help-givers in society. This means that woman hairdressers provide emotional support, and are more willing to talk about problems in their client’s lives.


Like secret psychologists, who treat people with large doses of style.


Yes, men can become skilled at chopping off your hair and putting goop in it, but they really don’t care about your evil mother-in-law or your butt gobbling boss. Women hairdressers are way more likely, according to science, to listen to your problems and offer support, which is actually very rare in the service industry.



Your driving instructor doesn’t give a crap about your life problems.


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