Benefits of Using Sulfate-Free Hair Products

human hair cave 2

That is a picture of people standing in a cave. But that isn’t just any cave, its a cave made entirely out of human hair.

That is the exceedingly creepy personal collection of a Turkish potter Chez Galip. Why does a potter want so much hair from other people you ask? We have no idea, but we really hope it’s not because he sneaks into people’s homes at night and quietly slices off their hair.

In reality, the truth is much darker. The collection was amassed in the 1980s – from the potter’s dead victims. He would lure them into his basement on the premise that he was going to show them some really awesome pottery. Then, he would smash their heads with giant pots and cut off their hair.

human hair cave

Nah, we just made that up. The real legend is that one of his students moved away, and she left a lock of hair to remind him or her. Then, all of his other female students realized that they, too, want to be remembered. So they all left a chunk of their hair as well.

For years after that, every woman who took his pottery class left a chunk of hair. Every lock of hair has a note with the woman’s name and address and phone number. Apparently, chicks really dig a dude who can make nice pots. Way to go, Chez, this is probably the largest collection of women’s phone numbers ever amassed by one man.

potter chez
To be fair, he is kind of studly.

30 years later, studmuffin Chez has a massive cave of 16,000 locks of women’s hair, which is both slightly creepy and probably very ticklish.

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