City of Portland Hosts World Beard and Moustache Championships


All of us have looked deep within at some point in our lives and wondered if we could ever have been good enough to be a competitive moustache grower. When I was a kid, we all had trading cards depicting our favourite moustache or beard man, and we would trade them. That is why I am proud to report that the World Beard and Moustache Championships will take place this year in Portland, Oregon! Although Portland is fairly far away for most of us, an event of this magnitude rarely comes along. So if you can make it down to Portland on October 25th, 2014, you simply must. Facial hair Olympians will compete in 17 categories of style ranging from moustaches to partial beards to full beards!

2007’s Champion in the Partial Beard Category

Competition is fierce, so you’d better start not shaving. Just ask Beard Team USA “athlete” Jim Daly, a professional comedian and magician, who has been growing his moustache for over thirty years. Don’t let his years of endurance during the unbelievably long and intensive training process comprised of looking like some sort of bizarre, ginger, giant-moustached Dali intimidate you. Registration costs a mere forty dollars American, and the grand prize is……..well, an all-expenses paid trip to next year’s world championships in Austria. Nowhere on the website, however, was I able to find the following information that seems pertinent to me, at least. Can women join in any category? Are some categories, like, say, “freestyle moustache” more likely to allow female competitors? I guess all you ladies out there with professional calibre competitive facial hair are going to have to wait for a more enlightened age. Until then, people of all the sexes (competitor or not) should get their collective selves to Portland on October 25th.

Source: http://beardteamusa.org/world/

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