3 Hairdos That Look Like Faces


People come up with all sorts of inventive haircuts, in some of our last posts we showed you some hairstyles that tried to imitate some different animals, and some others that imitated different food type things. Well, this time we want to show you some people that thought they were pretty clever when they got their hair dresser to save the back of their head in the shape of a face.


1) Ray Lewis’ Face

Ray Lewis was a famous football throwing-guy or something. We are not sure exactly what his position was, or how many points he got or whatever, because well, its football, and this is a hair salon blog.


ray lewis

What we can tell you, however, is that he has a unibrow under his eyes.

2) The Dude

All we know for sure about this guy is that he probably likes the movie The Big Lebowski.


the dude 2
“Just call me the dude, man.”


Did you know that The Big Lebowski eventually became a cult classic, and now there is an online religion called “Dudeism”. This man must be one of their priests.


3) Another Dude

At first we thought this guy was just trying to be funny, but then we realized he is another Dude. However, this guy went through a little more trouble to fool people, as he sacrificed his ability to breathe by stuffing his head backwards into the hood of a jacket.


the dude
That’s one dedicated dude.


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