Strange Beauty Treatments – Snake Slithering


It may seem like something out of your wildest dreams (or nightmares), but one spa service in Israel might awaken your animal instinct. For about $70, clients at Ada Barak’s spa in Northern Israel can experience the therapeutic (albeit freaky!) effects of a pile of snakes slithering along their back. The big boys supposedly work tougher knots while smaller serpents deliver a lighter touch. Sound more spine-tingling than soothing? Fear not: The snakes are all non-venomous.

EVeryone needs a massage once and a while to get their stress levels down. Normally people get their massages done by you know, other people. Or as we showed you in an earlier post, some people like to have little fish massage their feet. Well if have other people or fish give you massages isn’t your thing, we have just the spa for you!


We hope you like snakes. Lots of snakes. All over you.

That’s right, this new therapeutic massage isn’t really so much a massage as it is just a pile of live serpents on you. They say that the snakes can work out tough knots in your muscle, and that smaller snakes can, well, tickle you? We don’t know.


Don’t worry, they probably won’t kill you.

They don’t use venomous snakes, but at this rate, we sure wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a ‘snake bite to the face for beauty’ treatment.

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