Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

After you’ve gotten your face slapped, covered in snail goop, and infused with enhanced blood, you’re probably sick of putting weird stuff on your face. So let’s focus on a different part of the body that sometimes needs a little maintenence – your feet. Otherwise known as a pedicure, which is often performed by a beautician.

If getting a trained pedicurist to touch your feet isn’t your thing, you could always ask them to nibble on your feet instead.

APTOPIX Fish Pedicures
How much do you tip a foot nibbler?

Of course, they won’t be doing the nibbling themselves. They will send a legion of tiny guppy-like fish do to it for them. The doctor fish from the rivers of the Middle East is a googly-eyed toothless squirt of a fish, and for whatever reason, it is infatuated with nibbling on people’s feet. Also, for whatever reason, people let them.


doctor fish2

At least it’s a doctor.

The fish apparently gnaw and slurp the dead callused skin off your feet. Those who have had it done claim is was painless and ticklish. However, in many developed countries, the fish nibblers have been banned. The fish can transfer an unhealthy level of bacteria, subsequently causing infections and spreading disease. So yeah, you should probably stick to regular pedicures that are done by trained people and not fish.

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