Strange Beauty Treatments – DC-CIK Cancer Therapy


This is probably the most disturbing beauty treatment we come across to date. A few highly suspicious beauty clinics in Hong Kong have begun offering this treatment.First, they harvest blood from people who are dying of cancer, send the blood to a lab to be concentrated into, well, concentrated blood, then they inject it right into your face or something.


drawing blood

“Gimme that blood, you wont need it soon anyway.”

We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want any cancer blood on us, let alone injected into us. We know cancer isn’t contagious, but still.

Apparently the treatment isn’t exactly healthy either. So far as least one woman died from septic shock after receiving the treatment. and two other women were sent to the hospital in serious condition. If you are looking to freshen’ up your appearance, there are literally hundreds of better options.


Like squirting lemon juice in your eye for example.

However, If you want to die from a mycobacterial infection, this is the treatment you’ve been looking for!

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