Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

When it comes to massages, you typically think of things like oils and aromatics. Massage spas usually have a relaxing ambiance to get you to feel comfortable. You know, things like bamboo, silk plants and fountains and stuff.


Aren’t plants just like, the best?

During your massage, you would expect that the masseuse is going to rub you with some oils or avocados or whatever masseuse use. However, the last thing you would expect them to do is start rubbing you with a cactus.

A cactus body treatment doesn’t exactly sound relaxing. In fact, being rubbed with a cactus might be something you would demand compensation for.

Or at least a small amount of fame like this guy:

However, apparently getting a rub down with a cactus is all the rage. Of course, they remove the needles (buzzkill) so you don’t die or whatever. Then they split it in half and put the gooey cactus chunks on your butt. Which apparently feels amazing and is good for your skin, especially sun burnt skin.

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