The Most Expensive Shampoo in the World


There are a few different shampoos and conditioners that are pretty expensive, and many people will refuse to pay more than $20 for a bottle of shampoo. Well, if a bottle of $20 or $40 shampoo isn’t rich enough for your blood, how about a bottle of Kevis Earth Elements Shampoo for $219.95?


“I shampoo my head with caviar.”


Absurdly rich stock photo man isn’t joking, either. There is another crazy-expensive shampoo called Alterna Ten, which is infused with “Caviar age-control complex”. That’s right, the “scientists” over at Alterna Ten thought they were doing some good science when they added fish eggs to shampoo.


“Gentlemen, we’ve had a major breakthrough. Tom discovered what this glass tube thing is for”


Why is it so expensive you ask? Well, not only does it contain caviar, but it also has white truffle oil, champagne, gold, and of course diamonds.


Haha we’re kidding. Putting champagne in your shampoo would be ridiculous.


You are probably wondering what really makes the shampoo that expensive. Well, the shampoo contains a complex molecule that was discovered in the human umbilical cord. No, they don’t harvest it from actual umbilical cords you weirdo – they synthesize the molecule in a lab for about $60,000 a kilo. Why is it so expensive you ask? Well, have you ever tried to make a molecule? That stuff is hard.

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  1. I will only buy one once I’m already filthy rich. Such shampoo is such a revolutionary scientific breakthrough and worth trying for those who can afford it. It was an amazing product but there are still lots of shampoo brand that can give us healthy and nourished hair. Anyway, I find this shampoo really interesting.

  2. That shampoo is really expensive! I’m interested in trying one bottle for my hair and see the results that it can give. With our innovative technology, I’m sure few years from now, there will be a shampoo that will beat the price of that one. Shampoos made from liquified gold or other minerals might be out in the market soon.

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