Love to Lather? You Should Know This


How often do you wash your hair in the shower and lather up your shampoo to a sudsy fluffy mass of soft bubbly goodness? We do, we do it lots. We used to think that a nice soapy lather was awesome, and we would rub it all over ourselves like this.

shampoo hair

We call it a shampoogasm.

Did you know that the chemicals inside your shampoo that make it lather up super thick, are often moisturizers that result in residual buildup and other unneeded nonsense, that makes your hair more difficult to style? Shampoos that are sulfate-free and hardly lather up at all are actually better for your hair, and are also better cleaners. Avoid getting that dirty hair feel by using a better shampoo.

On the same note, while we all love hot showers that massage and give a deep clean feel. Did you know that hot showers open up your hair cuticles, the pores on your skin, and along with that warm fresh feeling open up all of your bio-goodness to a deeper level of chemical penetration that can increase your chances of hair and skin damage. Solution: turn that temperature dial to cold. End your shower with a burst of cold water. Close up your hair cuticles and your pores, and protect the precious goo inside your body.


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