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The newest hair trend of 2016 has actually been around for quite a while. The timeless technique known as Balayage is making a resurgence in salons, thanks to its versatility; it’s the chic way to get that sun-kissed look without the foils!

From Jessica Alba and her sun-drenched glow, to Kelly Osborne and her trendy grey tones, Balayage offers a soft, natural look.

What is it?

Remember that natural hair colour you had as a child? That’s the idea behind this free-handed highlighting technique. Balayage is French, meaning “to paint.” So rather than the traditional foil placement, your stylist literally paints the colour on your hair for a more blended, free-flowing appearance.

According to many stylists, the trick is to apply the dye while your hair is dried and styled. This ensures that the highlights are properly arranged to frame your beautiful face.

It’s a style that works for the everyday gal, and gives glitz to the stars on the red carpet. Celebrities such as Sarah-Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz are all known to rock the Balayage hair trend.

Modern and Low-Maintenance

Thanks to its timeless look, Balayage is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style.

But, as with any type of hair colour method, it is recommended that you utilize a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner.

And while upkeep for this particular style is relatively low, it’s still best to maintain your colour through regular appointments with your stylist. Remember to also use heat protection when styling your gorgeous, highlighted mane!

Balayage VS Ombre

In 2015, Ombre was all the rage. Balayage is a similar type of style, but different. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two:

It’s basically dark, natural roots and lightened lower hair using highlighting foils. Two-toned. Dark to light. Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and a slew of celebrities donned the Ombre trend.

Ombre is still very popular, but Balayage is making its mark by keeping the flair of its style comparatively softer. The harsh dark/light streak that is so popular with Ombre is toned down and free-flowing.

Think of it as the natural version of the Ombre trend that hit the world of hair hard last year.

Re-Invent Yourself

The versatility of Balayage gives your stylist the freedom to personalize your look. A knowledgeable Balayage stylist will choose and place a colour (or even your choice of multi-toned options!) to highlight your features and emphasize your follicles.

Combine brown and blonde tones to give your face a bright radiance. Twirl together pastel pinks with platinum blonde and shows off your creative edge. Weave in some blonde throughout your red hair for a clever change. Or take your curls and mix a few well-placed strands for a delicate, stunning look.

Dark, straight, curly and wavy hair; the Balayage technique offers a large number of colour combinations that actually work with every hair type. This gives you the opportunity to accept its natural texture and work with the hair you were born with.

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  1. They always say hair is the waking crown of a woman. That’s why every girl is doing their best effort to make it look beautiful each day. No wonder this Balayage style is getting a fuss today because of celebrities who look great on it. But in choosing what hair color and style you will have, you should consider if it looks right for you and you are comfortable while wearing it. That’s the most important thing about beauty.

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