R+Co Submarine Water Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo


Concentrated shampoo + beadless scalp exfoliator that revitalizes hair.

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Descend into deep detox. Silky, concentrated shampoo + beadless scalp exfoliator revitalizes hair with balanced hydration. Gently removes excess flakes, oils and build-up with naturally derived enzymes and fruit AHA’s.


Someone who wants clean, nourished hair and a refreshed scalp.


AHA Alternative Technology, revitalizes the scalp by exfoliating and removing excess skin without granules.

Bilberry Extract, rich in tannins + anti-inflammatory qualities to help calm the scalp.

Fermented Radish Root, nourishes + softens hair while improving scalp circulation.

Tomato Extract, helps to stimulate scalp, improve shine + dissolve odor-causing excess sebum.

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