R+Co Cool Wind PH Perfect Air Dry Creme


A unique air-drying cream that hydrates, tames + softens hair, creating effortless styles.

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Feel the wind in your hair. A pH perfect formula for all hair types, this creme helps to tame frizz while achieving gorgeous styles — no blowdrying, no heating. Unique and perfectly balanced, this creme hydrates, controls and softens strands to ease the styling process — for beautiful hair all day long.


Anyone looking to tame frizz and style without blow dryers.


Apricot + Watermelon Extracts, provides hydration to soften + prevent frizz.

Soybean Oil, nourishes, protects + adds suppleness to hair for easy styling.

Mango Butter, detangles and provides softness + manageability.

Cold Sealing Polymer, designed to prevent frizz, tame styles + provide shine without heat activation.

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