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Fall Hair Colours

As the season changes, the weather cools, and the leaves change color, many people choose to change up their hair color as well. Sunny…

Layrite Cement Hair Clay

It can be extremely difficult to find a hair product that meets all of your needs simultaneously. Some products offer extreme hold, but flake,…

2015 Fall Hair Trends

It’s that time again, when pumpkin flavored everything is released and the leaves change color. Time to put away the summer attire and break…

The World’s Oldest Barber

The Guinness Book of World Records has just about every topic you can think of in it, but have you ever seen the topic…

You’ll Fall For These Autumn Colours

We all try to stay up to date with the new styles and fads but let’s face it that may prove difficult at times….

The Underground World of Hair Trafficking

I am sure you have heard of human trafficking, car traffic and all the other horrible trafficking related activities that go on. But have…