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Hair styling with gel

Hair Styling Products and You – Gel!

Gel is a hair product that’s used to hold your hair in place for long periods of time. It offers the strongest hold out…
Hair styling with hairspray

Hair Styling Products and You – Hairspray!

Hair spray is a styling product that is sprayed onto hair to keep it stiff or in a certain style. It can be dispensed…
Hair styling with mousse

Hair Styling Products and You – Mousse!

Mousse is a foamy hair product usually found in an aerosol can that is used for styling and keeping hair in place. It comes…
Hair styling with paste

Hair Styling Products and You – Paste!

Hair paste can typically have a consistency ranging from a thick paste to a tacky glue with a medium to very firm hold. It…
Hair styling with pomade

Hair Styling Products and You – Pomade!

Pomade is a type of creamy hair styling product and is an alcohol-free alternative to gel, providing a flake-free texture. It comes in water-based…
Hair styling with putty

Hair Styling Products and You – Putty!

Hair putty is often confused with hair paste because it has a similar consistency, but putty is softer with a similar hold – it…