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3 Ways to Make Your Hair Fall Out

The human body is a finicky little thing. Too much of this or that and boom, you’re bald, crying, and nobody likes you anymore….

3 Ways to Help Grow Your Hair Faster

There are a variety of reasons why you might want you hair to grow a bit faster. Maybe you were the victim of college…

2 More Hair Product Ingredients You Want to Avoid

Continuing on our theme of helping you achieve the healthiest experience with hair products, here are two more questionable ingredients you should try to…

2 Hair Product Ingredients You Want to Avoid

While bathing your head in various brightly-coloured gooey hair products, have you ever wondered what they are made of? Sure, they look cool, smell…

History of Hair – Beard Tax

The government has a history of imposing various dumb rules and tax laws. However, we bet you never would have guessed that someone would…

3 Absurd Hairstyles Inspired by Food

Creative hairstyles can be inspired by anything. You could get a hairstyle shaped like a soccer ball, a basket of Easter eggs, or even…