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Grow Healthier Curly Hair By Eating These 3 Foods

Is it possible to grow curly hair just by adjusting your diet? No. Scientifically the very idea is as ridiculous as it is impossible….

Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair

Ah the age old question: curly hair or straight hair? Many people with curly hair straighten it daily. And many people with straight hair…

Strange Beauty Treatments

In the quest for a better skin, hair or body, some people are ready to try almost anything. Below are some of the most…

5 Foods to Help You Eat Your Way To Healthier Hair

Just like every other piece of your body, the cells and procedures that produce solid, energetic hair rely on upon an adjusted eating methodology….

5 Natural Supplements that Generate Hair Growth

Hair loss is most common in men but it does happen to women as well. Not one person is happy about losing their hair…

Jack the Ripper’s Fatal Mistake

In a story by O’Henry a penniless young woman is desperate to buy her lover a Christmas present. So she sells her beautiful hair…