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The Undercut: Edgy Meets Clean

Men with very thick hair, straight, wavy or curly hair experience a hairstyling dilemma. For an edgier look this season, try the undercut hairstyle….

The Mohawk: Going Beyond Punk

When you hear the term “Mohawk”, what typically comes to mind? A skinny dude wearing a little too much eyeliner and pants that look…

The TSA Wants To See What’s in Your ‘Fro

Typically your choice of hairstyle doesn’t bother others. I say typically because with all the recent changes in airport security post 9-11, the security…

Female Stars Rocking Shaved Heads

Typically, when you see someone with a shaved head it is a male, but have you noticed the string of female celebrities who have…

Pretty & Practical Pixies

Stars like Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, and Natalie Portman are choosing to cut their long locks off in favor of the pixie cut. This…

3 Beautiful Braids for Summer

Summer is on its way which means it’s time to get those hairstyles figured out. What is a good hairstyle that can look elegant…