Trendy Barber Shop Hair Styles

Trendy Barbershop Hairstyles

Fashions and trends go in and out of style faster than you can blink. They can definitely be hard to keep up with.

So what are some of the trends that are in style now? What are the trendy hair styles we’re seeing in barber shops? Right now, you’ll see an interesting and exciting blend of classic meeting modern, maybe with some hipster thrown in somewhere. They tend to be versatile and have the ability to be styled differently every day of the week.

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These are some of our favorite trends happening right now.

Men's Hairstyle: The Prohibition
The Prohibition

This style is classic and it has been making it’s way back into the repertoire of barbers nationwide. It’s masculine, it looks clean, and it’s simple. Best of all, it’s in style, and at most you’ll need only a bit of gel to keep it in place. Especially for men with fine straight hair, this can be a great go-to look.

Mens Hairstyle: The-Long-Ceasar
A Long Caesar/ Crew Cut with Bangs

This style is, at its essence, a crew cut with long bangs. You can use some gel to angle it up, comb it back, or just let it lay flat. It’s easy to style, and looks in style even when you haven’t touched it. If you don’t want to go for long bangs, a classic Caesar still is—and probably will always be—in style.

Men's Hairstyle: Shaved-Undercut
Undercut with Shaved (or Almost Shaved) Sides

We’ve seen this become a popular trend, and we’re excited about that! We’re seeing it on celebrities more and more. The undercut has shaved (or almost shaved) sides and back, with hair longer on top. Like the other popular choices, you can have your hair spiked, slicked over, angled, whatever your heart desires. You can even vary the length of hair on the sides and back of your head. It’s a great style with some serious edge.

Men's Haircut: The Fade
The Fade

This is currently one of the faster growing trends that we have seen. It’s similar to the undercut (same basic concept), and is a technique that really can be applied to a variety of hair cuts. The hair gets shaved shorter and shorter as it makes its way in proximity towards your neck. Though it does require more frequent visits to your local barber, it’s a look that can successfully mix classic with edge, especially with some spikes on top!

Men's Hair Style: The Comb Over
The Comb Over

We are not talking about a bad Donald Trump comb over, here. We are talking about the good ones, which we have sometimes heard referred to as “slick hair.” The comb over adds height and texture, which can be accomplished easily with some gel or mousse. It takes a classic look and makes it modern and (partially depending on styling) just a little bit edgy.

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