Benefits of Using Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Has the winter weather got you down a bit lately? Yeah, us too.

Now that we’ve entered the crazy Christmas season (don’t get us wrong – we LOVE the cute hats and shopping!), things can tend to get a little stressful. Icy roads, long wish lists and so. many. parties! Things can get pretty monotonous when it’s your fourth Christmas party and your patented french twist-a-la Gaga has gotten repeat views. But – come on, who has time to sit on youtube to search out that perfect party hairstyle how-to? It’s time to come and see us at Dollhouse Hair salon! Pamper yourself with a unique hair styling!  Blow away that terrible Christmas stress and book a blowout! Nothing gets rid of the winter blues like non-stop compliments and wow-ing everyone in a room (believe us – we’ve done the research)!

What is a blowout?

Most of us own a blow dryer, and most of us also blow-dry our hair fairly often (sometimes every day). But, just because we have the tools doesn’t mean that we know how to use them! We can try and try, but it’s hard to get our hair looking just as great at home as a fresh salon styling does. So, why not treat yourself? A blowout is a styling session where your stylist blowdries your hair for that perfect, fresh new ‘do look!


Book your appointment today at Dollhouse Hair Boutique and get ready to turn heads this Christmas party season!

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