Hair Styling Products and You – Mousse!

Hair styling with mousse

Mousse is a foamy hair product usually found in an aerosol can that is used for styling and keeping hair in place. It comes out like a dollop of whipped cream and also adds body and volume to hair. There are many different ingredients found in hair mousse and each has its own purpose. In essence, it’s a body film forming resin and for imparting good hair styling and reducing the static charge of hair. Check the label of your favorite mousse and learn what provides fragrance, protection, and beautification to your hair.

Mousse obviously makes hair more manageable when styling it but not using it properly and it may not go that well for you. Too much mousse usually creates stiff, brittle hair that may flake – you need only a small amount to achieve the desired result. Hair mousse can add spring to curls or softness to any hair type, with many people using a blow dryer to maximize hair volume.

High quality hair mousse has nutrients that enrich the hair while lifting it but low quality mousses can be more watery than foamy, which only makes the hair stiffer, rather than fuller. It can be sold for specific hair types like straight or curly hair and comes in texturizing or volumizing formulas, with both products adding shine to hair.

You don’t need a lot for curly or frizzy hair, especially if you want to avoid clumps. Squirt a small amount into your hands, distribute throughout the mid-length and ends of your hair. Work gently through your hair, just enough so it penetrates the hair without ruining the definition of your curls – mousse doesn’t define curls, it helps them maintain their movement. Hold your head upside down to apply the product to the back then lift up again to reach the front of your hair works extremely well.

Mousse can also be used on dry hair to carry out any touch-ups but be careful not to overload the hair or it will end up going stiff. Use sparingly on the roots to re-boost the volume or wet your hair again with a bit of water then re-apply mousse to revive your curls.

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