Hair Styling Products and You – Gel!

Hair styling with gel

Gel is a hair product that’s used to hold your hair in place for long periods of time. It offers the strongest hold out of any other hair product and also gives you a ‘wet’ look to your hair. You can find gel ranging in light control to extreme hold but not all gels are created equal.

Gels can contain any one or more of the following ingredients; styling polymers, thickeners, solubilizers, stabilizers, neutralizers, preservatives and humectants. These chemicals allow your styling gel to hold while also being water-soluble enough to be washed out of your hair. The most crucial of all them is in the which thickening system known as Carbomer – which is an acrylic polymer that, when put into water, is acidic. Gels are frequently alcohol-based, potentially containing isopropyl, which is very drying on natural hair and when used over a long period of time, isopropyl alcohol can make your hair extremely frizzy and dull.

If your hairstyle demands that you can’t risk going flat, gel is the best product for you. Gel is also a great choice for anyone with thin or fine hair because it adds texture and a thicker look to your hair. Though if you have thinner hair, use a lighter hold since a stronger one can weigh your hair down.

Gel is best used when your hair is damp and while you can use it when your hair is dry, it won’t work very well. If you haven’t just stepped out of the shower, splash a little bit of water to dampen your hair and it will still work. You don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way – put a small amount in your hands and use your fingers to style. The amount will vary depending how much hair you have and how thick your hair is.

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