Early Trends for 2016

I know. It’s not even Christmas season yet. But that doesn’t mean the top hair and beauty trends for next year aren’t already popping up on the runways of New York and Milan.


Au Naturelle

Easy and simple seemed to dominate. Forgoing the shelf full of product and using what you have is what stylists went for. It’s a more individual style where you don’t have to try and look like someone else….just be yourself!


Out of the pool look

How do you get that sexy, wet look at home? You don’t have to go for a morning swim, just apply some gel through the hair and braiding sections which you then unravel to reveal some wonderful wet look waves.


Low buns with a twist

Again going with the easy to wear, easy to do style. A quick wrap and a twist in the back and you get elegance and sophistication. The stylists were keeping them low, near the nape of the neck. It seems top knots and high ponies are out in favour of a low bun.


Braids and pigtails

That classic is back in vogue. Throw some ornate headpieces on and you have a kind of badass princess thing going on. It’s no longer a tomboy only style.

So it seems that simple and easy to wear hair is going to be the look for 2016. Who would argue with saving yourself time in the bathroom every morning?

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