3 Absurd Hairstyles Inspired by Food


Creative hairstyles can be inspired by anything. You could get a hairstyle shaped like a soccer ball, a basket of Easter eggs, or even various animals.

It takes a special type of person to decide that they want their hair to be shaped like food. So special in fact, we could only find three of them.


1) Pineapple Head

Below you will see a real live pineapple head. This guy likes pineapples so much he literally shaped his head into one. Were not sure why anyone would do this, but we are pretty certain of one thing.


He likes pineapples.

3) Skittle Head

What’s even better than tomatoes and pineapples? Candy of course! Having your head say skittles on the side really shows how sweet of a person you are.


We’re not sure, but that might actually be garage attached to her head.

Nothing says you have style and class like having candy-wrapped glued to the side of your head.


2) Tomato Head

There are like 100 different tomato products in the world: Salsa,  pasta sauce, ketchup…ketchup chips. Ok, so maybe there is only like 5, whatever. Tomatoes are pretty awesome though, because without them, we wouldn’t have pizzas. It makes perfect sense to us that someone would want their head shaped like a tomato. We really hope this becomes the next fad.


Now she just needs bacon pants and a lettuce shirt.
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