Benefits of Using Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Awhile ago we did a post about hairdo’s inspired by foods. If you don’t remember, we are hurt by your ignorance. Anyway, this time we are switching it around to hairstyles that were inspired by silly animals!

This trendy way of cutting and dying your hair is called a Hair Tattoo. Even though it is called a tattoo, it is not permanent. Or at least we really hope not, for the sake of these individuals future’s.


1) Cartoon Gecko

As you can probably tell, this man had a Mohawk immediately prior to this dramatic transformation. We are going to guess that this is his way of saying he has denounced his punk-rocker days and is now assuming a more Disney-esk approach to life.


gecko hair
I used to melt stuff. Now I melt people’s hearts.


2) Leopard Print

To be fair, this lady is probably not trying to look like a leopard. She probably just had a really fun night, then woke up with her leopard underwear on her head and thought it looked cool. We hope she works at a zoo, because thats really the only place we can see that working out for her. In the picture, she seems to have that look, the look that says…


Leopard print hair
What have I done


3) Spider Head

People love spiders, especially girls. So the logic in this man’s head really pans out: Step one: Get massive, realistic spider attached to your head. Step Two: acquire females. We have a feeling this man is going to be lonely in the coming days.


Spider Hair
His spider will keep him company.


In actuality, this is an advertisement for a hold product that is made out of spider bones (?). We don’t know, but it looks like a serious pain in the ass to wash with shampoo.

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