Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

You’ve got the Bettie Page-esque dress and stacked peep-toe heels — now what?! Stepping out on the town in a full-blown retro ensemble needs that little extra oomph! In this series of tutorials we’re going to take a peek back in time

at some gorgeous pin-up hairstyles that you can try at home, or have our amazing stylists re-create.

First up are Victory Rolls — a popular style in the 1940’s, this classic style is known for its voluminous curls that beautifully frame the face. Named after an American aerobatic airplane manoeuvre, Victory Rolls helped the ladies at home support WWII wartime efforts.

To re-create the gorgeous Victory Rolls you’ll need the following supplies:

  • 1” Curling Iron
  • Bobby Pins
  • Boar Bristled Comb
  • Strong Hold Hairspray
  • Hair Elastic or Clip

Step 1: Start off by using the end of your comb to draw a curved line from temple to temple — going upwards from one, and then down to the other. Use your hair elastic or clip to tie back the bottom of your hair for later. Now draw a straight dramatic side part, and secure the larger section with a bobby pin to keep it out of the way for now. Separate the top third of your smaller side of hair and begin gently teasing the underside from the root with your boar bristled brush.








Step 2: When you reach your bottom layer of hair, start teasing from the top. When teasing the larger side you’ll need to do about 5 sections — don’t forget to tease the

top side of the bottom section, not the underside! Then draw a line with bobby pins on both sides, about an inch in from your part, in order to create a base for the rolls. Starting on the smaller side comb your hair over the opposite side and lightly spray with your hairspray once you’ve gotten it nice and smooth.








Step 3: Lightly brush the ends of your section to combine them, then use your curling iron to curl inwards from the ends to your scalp. Gently and repeatedly clamp and unclamp the iron to release it from your hair while keeping the shape of the roll.








Step 4: Gradually flatten the back of your roll and tuck the curl under, making sure to secure it tightly with bobby pins. Shape the front of the roll and spray well with hairspray. Now just repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other

side, and your Victory Rolls are complete!








Step 5: This step is completely up to you and the way you’d like to finish your retro pin-up look! Keep it flowing by simply using your curling iron to shape loose curls; tie it back in one of many ways: classic 40’s style with a hairnet, neat and tidy in a low bun with a hair donut, or try this gorgeous look: let down the back of your hair and comb it straight down. Pin another line of bobby pins, holding your hair down from ear to ear then spray the back of your head with hairspray. Next curl the hair with your iron and start teasing the top few inches of the topside of them. Bunch the curls at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins, followed by a good dousing of hairspray. For an added WOW factor, simply add a classic bow or flower pin on one side, and voila — a gorgeous retro hairstyle your friends would die for!





















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