Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

For part 3 of this series we will talk about what the ancient Indian peoples of North America used as a shampoo. The ingredients they used will shock and amaze you. Nah we’re kidding, they just used plants.


The coastal woodfern plant to be exact. The woodfern looks like any fern – a green shrub-like plant that looks like it belongs in an animated dinosaur movie. The plant has been used by North American Indian cultures for a variety of different purposes. the fronds can be used to clean meat, other times it was used for cosmetic purposes, and of course, it was used a shampooing agent. Oh, and some Indians just straight up ate it. Hair products back then had substantially less ingredients than they do today.


Ingredients: shrub.

(Source Wikipedia)


Coastal woodfern are still being used today in hair products, so apparently the North American Indians were onto something. It’s pretty amazing that they figured this out back when the ‘scientific method’ consisted of rubbing different plants on your head to see what happens.

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