Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

In the last post, we talked about ancient shampoo that was used in Indonesia, which was made out of burnt rice husks. This post talks about what people used as shampoo in ancient India.

Just like everyone else in the world, the people in India grew hair out of their bodies like most mammals. Again, they also needed to wash said hair. So, they turned to Herbal Essences shampoo.


Haha just kidding, they used this branch.

The Indian people came up with a very effective shampoo by boiling soapnuts with dried Indian gooseberry and few other herbs like arappu and shikakai (whatever those are).


Throw in some frog legs and eye of newt, and you get witches’ brew.

Actually, the Indian people rubbed all sorts of nuts and flowers into their hair in place of hair-care products. Which may sound strange, but at least its natural, and its not composed of synthetic chemicals that we can’t even pronounce.


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