3 Ways to Make Your Hair Fall Out


The human body is a finicky little thing. Too much of this or that and boom, you’re bald, crying, and nobody likes you anymore. Here are a few strange reasons why your hair might be falling out.

1) Eating Too Much Vitamin A

Typically, Vitamin A is a good thing, and you should eat it sometimes because it does healthy stuff. However, if you become obsessed with being the healthiest person ever, and you go a little hard on the Vitamin A, you might notice your hair starting to fall out.


hair falling out
You will probably make this exact face.

2) Blow Dryers

Blow dryers are a pretty nifty way of drying your hair in a hurry. What you might not know is that blow dryers can produce enough heat to actually boil the water inside your hair. Now, if you were blow drying your skin and boiling the water inside your body, you would quickly realize that it is bad for you.


Pro tip: Melting hurts.


However, because you can’t feel what your hair is feeling, you won’t notice that you are destroying the hair from the inside, and it will become brittle and fall apart later on. Way to go, you.


3) Make Babies

You probably know that growing offspring is a rather stressful task, and the female body will go through extensive change and stress during this time. Apparently, the most stressful time is immediately after giving birth. So stressful, in fact, that clumps of your hair might fall right out.


But it will probably be worth it. Probably.


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