The Origin of Curly Hair


Have you ever wondered why some people have curly hair while others don’t? Or what exactly makes curly hair curly in the first place? Well, as it turns out, curly hair is actually kind of mysterious.

Many researchers, anthropologists, and theorists have tried to come up with the reason why some people have curly hair and others don’t.

Nina Jablonski is an anthropologist who argues that curly hair acts as a personal, wind-powered air conditioner for your brain. She thinks that curly hair does not provide any added warmth, but rather, it helps circulate cool air. This is supported by the fact that Afro-hair seems to originate from peoples that live near the equator. Moreover, Afro-hair does not get saggy and stick to the skin when wet. Rather, it triumphantly retains its puffiness and promotes decent air-flow even after intense sweating, allowing people to stay cooler in very hot climates when compared to those lame straight-haired folk.


Maybe that’s part of the reason why Jamaicans are so “chill”

(Source: Moon Costumes)

Another theory states that Afro-hair initially evolved so that people could jam things into the hair and it would stay there. This theory is supported by the fact that people totally do stick things in their Afros. However, we must inform you that this theory was invented by us, on the spot, as we wrote this article.

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