Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

Most people no longer believe in the mythical “fountain of youth,” but there are still a lot of folk who hold to the notion of traveling far and wide or stretching open their wallets for some extreme measures designed to help them look younger. For some, it’s bird poop, for others leeches, but it doesn’t stop there. Some people think that if they hang around with or date younger people, it will turn back the clock. One man admitted that after he broke up with a woman 33 years his senior, he looked in the miracle and realized that trick didn’t work. “It was as if I aged 10 years in a day,” he stated. This supports the idea that some of these measures are in people’s heads. Following are some extreme things people have done to try to look younger, and some swear by their strategy.

One press release contains information about an exercise book titled, “Old School, New Body,” which is designed to get people to exercise for 90 minutes a week in order to regain youthfulness. The book is accompanied by a fitness program by the same name. The authors/program designers indicate that they have interacted with fitness experts and committed due diligence in researching to gain material for their book/program. While a more fit body is certainly a sensible claim related to exercise, youth restoration is a rare claim.

One of those tricks that women have used since time began is body shaping. The hourglass figure trumps the fat and frumpy look in offering a youthful appearance. That’s why you still have women who wear really tight waist-cinching corsets. One thing that makes this weird is that sometimes the garment is so tight and restricting that it cuts off the blood supply and leads to fainting and worse.

Demi Moore already tried the Cougar thing when she was hooked up with the younger Ashton Kutcher. But in 2012 she admitted that she uses leech therapy in order to look more youthful. Leeches are segmented worms, which means they come from an animal family that makes many women squeamish. When they latch onto something, they overstuff themselves until they fall off. Many of them are blood suckers. However, it looks like the people who use leech therapy in order to look younger put aside the heebie jeebies to get toxins out of their bodies and a “younger” look.

A few people seem to turn to Preparation H to treat bags under their eyes and wrinkles in the skin. It goes without saying that the formula was not designed for this though. It’s really a crème or ointment for hemorrhoids and their accompanying itch/burn. Perhaps someone wondered whether they could use it to shrink age give-aways in the same way that they do hemorrhoids, and discovered that it works. At any rate, there are all kinds of forums, YouTube videos and articles about this weird aging “cure.”

It looks like caviar is more than food for the Gods. According to a world of female online article, Angelina Jolie spreads it over her skin in order to look more youthful. One brand that seems to support this indulgence is La Prairies Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.

Youthfulness is a fair quest. It seems that some have either discovered or confirmed ways to take off years from their appearance.

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