Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

have your heart? 20s waves got you totally wild? Lest you think old-timey hairdoes have long gone out of style, rest assured—vintage hair is coming back with a bang, with a bang, with a roar. If you’re an old soul and other decades are alive and well in your heart, why not have a hairdo that matches the inner you?

20s Gatsby Waves
Channel your inner Tyra. Your inner bootlegger. Achieve finger waves from the Roaring 20s effortlessly. The 1920s were a time of evolution for women’s hair, where they bid goodbye to the long, soft, romantic Victorian-era locks in favor of bold bob cuts with cutting-edge curls close around the face. For a trendier touch in today’s world, add an elaborate jeweled bow or headband and rock the 20s.

50s Rockabilly Roll
No, it’s not a baked goods section, but rest assured, you’ll look just as sweet. The 50s were a time that shunned the modest, demure look of the past and mixed an adult 40s look with the girly whimsy of a ponyail. So if you’re going to rock the rockabilly look because you’re just a rock-n-roller mixed in with country at heart, slip into some cuffed jeans, slap on some red lipstick, and pull your hair up into that terrific rock-meets-hillbilly ponytail.

60s Bouffant with Loose Ringlets
Go Bridget Bardot or go home. Ahh 60s, era of headpieces, brand-spanking-new styling wands, and heated rollers, how revolutionary you were! The bouffant was teased within an inch of its life, and the curls were achieved not at a beauty salon like hairstyles of past, but in the comfort of a woman’s home with the new wands and rollers. This was a step into the 70s, and a step into more independence for women.

70s Hippie Hair
We’ve all seen that show, you know, the one about the 70s. Who hasn’t lusted after Donna’s red hair with the braids on the sides or Jackie’s beachy sprayed waves? Since the 60s were a time of set hair, maintenance, and loads of time, the free-thinking 70s generation opted for hair that was easy to maintain and required little upkeep. Look inside—are you a free-thinking flower child?

90s Crimped Hair
Ahhh, Lizzie McGuire—how DID you manage those square kinks in your hair and why on Earth did they get rid of the hair curlers that did that? Say what you will, but the Gen Y-ers certainly knew how to have fun with their follicles.

There are a million quizzes out there that tell you to which decade your heart belongs or how you should wear your hair this morning. But the fact of the matter is, you know yourself better than any quiz and anyone, and with all the marvelous vintage hairstyles out there today, why limit yourself? Travel through time and space all on your lonesome with these great styles and be a new woman each and every single day.

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