Top 7 Hairstyle Picks for 2022

You’ll love the stunning new haircut styles below if you’re looking for the trendiest  hairstyles in 2022. Short undercuts and fade cuts on the sides with medium to long hair on top continue to be fashionable haircuts. While short hairstyles remain fashionable and masculine, the best style for you will be determined by the length and kind of your hair. Despite the fact that the best hairstyles this year aren’t entirely new, the unlimited styling possibilities of these top hair trends make them worth trying!

For your reference, we compiled Top 7 Hairstyles that would surely blend in with the 2022 style.

The Pompadour

One of the most recognizable hairstyles is the pompadour. There are numerous varieties today. It might be short or long, unconnected, or combined with an undercut, among other options. Guys with round faces should avoid this one because it tends to round them out. Most different face shapes, as well as practically all hair types, look wonderful with it.

The Gentleman's Cut

A gentleman haircut appears to be a shorter style with a side part that is defined. Your hair is cut short on one side compared to the other, which is longer and may have a combover. It’s a simple and traditional style.


Skin Fade starts at the skin’s level at the back of the neck and gradually (or quickly) taper up your head to longer hair. Before it becomes longer, a “high skin fade” may almost reach the crown of your head, leaving a lot of exposed flesh.

Disconnected Undercut

An edgy and inventive undercut is a disconnected undercut. As a result, it goes well with any beard length and style. With a long beard, a short beard, or even a chin strap, it looks great. A beard fade with your beard and a detached undercut is a great way to tie everything together.


In men’s haircuts, the Undercut is a current craze. The dramatic contrast between shaved sides and slicked back longer hair on top distinguishes it.

The Slickback

Another classic haircut that has experienced a return in recent years is the slick back undercut. The style, which includes a short back and sides and longer hair on top, is appropriate for both formal and casual events. It’s also really easy to style thanks to its length and form.


A Mullet Haircut Could Look Really Hot Today, Believe It or Not. The sides and top of a mullet haircut are cropped, while the back has longer hair.

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