Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

I am sure you have heard of human trafficking, car traffic and all the other horrible trafficking related activities that go on. But have you heard of hair trafficking? That’s right, it exists. Many women love the real human hair extensions and wigs, but do you know where the hair comes from?*

Heads. The hair comes from heads.
Heads. The hair comes from heads.

The market for human hair extensions in the UK alone has grown by 60% from last year. Did you know a full head of Great Lengths extensions will cost the buyer about $1000? The problem is not with women who donate or even willingly sell their locks to these hair processing companies, but the women who are forced to have their hair cut without their consent. This is the dark side to this lucrative industry, and it opens the door to hair trafficking. How can anyone know if their hair extensions were obtained ethically?

It is so bad that in places like India, husbands force their wives to sell their hair. Little children on the street are tricked into having their hair shaved in exchange for toys or candy. It was reported that a local gang actually held a woman down against her will and cut her hair off to sell to the black market of hair extensions. It doesn’t stop in India though. Places like China and Russia have also reported that inmates in prison have been held down and forcibly had their hair cut in order for it to be sold.

In some cases where the hair is initially bought, they are paying much less than what it is worth. Then they charge much higher class citizens in other countries top dollar to have real human hair extensions. Just like all the other types of trafficking that take place in the world, the hair trafficking industry harms and traumatized its victims. It is not a harmless crime by any means, and if you want to do your part in helping to prevent this then do not purchase hair extensions. We all have a voice and the most powerful of those voices is where we put our money.

When the choice is between eating and dignity, there really is no choice at all.
When the choice is between eating and dignity, there really is no choice at all.

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