Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

When you hear the term “Mohawk”, what typically comes to mind? A skinny dude wearing a little too much eyeliner and pants that look spray painted on, perhaps? At one point in history, that was the typical stereotype of a person who rocked a hair style made famous by the punk genre of musical arts. In today’s society, the culture of the Mohawk is getting more use from a variety of people.

Punks not dead — it just needs a nap.
Punks not dead — it just needs a nap.

The Mohawk began back in the days of the Iroquois tribes in North America. The Iroquois lived in Mohawk’s Valley region, which is present day New York. The people would wear their hair pulled tightly upright on their head and decorated with different items. Mohawks are not a new fad as you can see, they date back many, many years.

Today, this hair style consists of a shaved or very short cut on the sides of the head, leaving a strip in the middle fairly long so you can spike it up. Typically men would wear this style as a form of rebellion but as of late, the women are rocking it as well. Popular celebrities such as Demi Moore, Cher, Janet Jackson and many others are opting to stretch their fashion forward legs and dare to wear the Mohawk!

If you browse the internet you can see how celebrities took the idea of the Mohawk and tweaked it to fit their personal style. Miley Cyrus for one added a little roundness to her Mohawk instead of the typical spiked center.

The Mohawk can be a versatile hair style if you have the right creative mind to rock it. You can color it to add uniqueness, or even add some gems and flowers for a one of a kind updo the next time you have an event to attend.

It just goes to show hair styles that were once thought to be a sign of rebellion and rock can and do fit well on women who like to be bold and daring.

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