The Helix Cut – Dollhouse’s Upcoming New Technique

There is a new hair styling technique on the block, and it is called the helix cut. This technique involves using a special pair of curved shears to cut the structure of curl into your hair. By using the helix technique, we can avoid using perms or harsh chemicals which damage your hair. The science of hair dressing is continually advancing, and the helix cut is its latest discovery.

But not just anyone can grab a pair of bent scissors and give the helix cut a try, and we strongly discourage you from experimenting on your friends. In order to perform this special technique, a hair stylist needs to go through an intensive training and schooling regiment and acquire a PHD from a certified institution. That’s right, you must first become a Professional Helix Designer.

A professional helix designer, seen here doing hair science.

We are currently in the midst of undergoing these courses to allow Dollhouse Salon to add this technique to our repertoire. Not only will this allow us to give your hair some bounce and curl without using chemicals or damaging your hair, but it is also a completely environmentally friendly technique. Because among the list of our top priorities, one is giving you beautiful and stylish hair, and the other is saving the earth from obliteration, and we can’t wait until we can do both of those things at the same time.

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