Strange Beauty Treatments

In the quest for a better skin, hair or body, some people are ready to try almost anything. Below are some of the most bizarre treatments that are no ordinary trips to a beauty parlor.

Mask with Bee Venom:

This face mask is advertised as a safer version of botox and has become a popular wrinkle cream. Being quite expensive, this wrinkle cream creates a feeling that the skin has been stung or damaged by a bee. This in turn increases the collagen and blood flow to repair the area of application. The cream itself is prepared by a process of passing mild electric current through a glass pane and letting the bees to sting.

Nose Lifters:

These non-surgical, nose shaping products are considered to be one of the most popular plastic surgeries as they are inexpensive and less painful. You are expected to wear this weird-looking device for 10 to 15 minutes daily to alter the shape of your nose and to make your nostrils look symmetric. There are also some unexpected advantages of using these devices like relieving headache. They are made of different quality of plastic and it is said that if you can withstand the hard plastic, it gives quicker results.

Sand burial:

Most practiced in Egypt and Japan, people who are seeking for a whole body and mind rejuvenation are buried in sand up to their necks. Either heat from the sun or using hot springs from underground is used to complete the treatment. This practice is said to help people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. You can also get rid of the impurities in the body as you will be sweating heavily under the hot cocoon of sand.


There is nothing called as misguided thoughts on beauty. Everyone has the right to have his or her own idea. As long as it is healthy and makes you look and feel good, why not try something different!

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