Strange Beauty Treatments – Wine Hot Tub

If you have been reading this blog at all, you have seen some pretty messed up beauty treatments. Now, a wine filled hot tub may not be as strange or as gross as some of the other strange beauty treatments we’ve shown you, but it is definitely weird and highly questionable.



Wine – Good to drink, and good to uh, pour all over yourself apparently.

If you are somehow rich enough to fill an entire bathtub with wine, it is apparently effective therapy for sun damage and helps to make skin firmer. Plus, you can get totally bloody wasted and no one will even notice that you drank the wine because there is so much of it.


wine hot tub

The only downside is that you will be drinking wine that other people have marinated their ass in.

You would suppose that a wine hot tub at a place called The Yunussun Spa in Japan would be relatively expensive, but somehow, they got their price down to about $40 Canadian. This also gives you access to the rest of the spa facilities. We aren’t sure what those facilities are, but we are certain they are going to get you seriously wrecked.

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