Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

We are very excited here at Dollhouse to introduce our new favourite tool; the Steam Pod!

Now what is a Steam Pod you say? Yes it may sound like something out of the Jetsons  (and what it can do for your hair is truly out of this world) but the Steam Pod is actually a revolutionary new way to straighten hair. In our epic quest to achieve pin straight hair unfortunately hair health and vitality can sometimes suffer. Until now!

The Steam Pod essentially offers both a treatment and styling in one and leaves your hair feeling healthy and straight until your next wash. Here is how it works:

  1. We apply a serum or cream to your hair and dry it until just slightly damp.
  2. The irons which are heftier than normal styling irons act kind of like a clothing iron in the way they use a steam system.
  3. We can adjust setting such as heat to suit the texture and sensitivity of your hair.
  4. The anodized ceramic floating plates deliver high pressured stream in a continuous flow as we work it through your hair which allows the pro-keratin cream to penetrate the cuticle.
  5. Your hair is now frizz-free until the next wash and can be styled in a number of ways from pin straight to volume and bouncy styles.

Pretty cool eh? Call us today to book your appointment and try out the Steam Pod!



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  1. Is the steampod good for the hair? Does it make your hair healthier or does it just style with less damage than other styling tools?

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