Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

As a stylist, it is your job to make sure you are meeting all your client’s expectations and ensuring they leave with the best hair possible! There are definitely right and wrong ways to deliver this type of experience,

and you should try to follow some standard etiquette


1. Don’t be late

You expect your clients to be on time and you should return the favor. There are, of course, unplanned issues that can arise and cause you to run a little behind. However, if you are running late, let your clients know. And if you’re getting incredibly far behind, it might be a good idea to offer to reschedule your client’s appointment (any maybe throw in a discount!).

2. Don’t give false promises

Your client may come in with pictures of beautiful celebrity hairstyles or intricate colouring. Be honest with them about both what you are professionally capable of and what their hair is capable of. If they want a rainbow of colours that you don’t think you can achieve then think about recommending them to a coworker. If they have pictures of thick, luxurious curls but have naturally pin-straight hair, give them realistic expectations and offer suggestions.

3. Keep it professional

You can’t always control what your client is going to talk about but you can always keep it professional on your end. Do not use profanity or delve into deep conversations about topics that could be controversial (such as religion or money). Also, keep in mind that other nearby clients and coworkers can usually hear your conversations (which also means that gossip about your salon is a no-no).

4. Fulfill your role

Your client may not notice your best of hair days but they almost certainly will notice if your hair or clothing is disheveled. Many clients will make a snap judgement (even if it’s unconsciously) on your skill level based on your appearance. Dress professionally and keep yourself well kept to ensure your demeanor instills trust, not dread!

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