Salon Etiquette for the Client


You probably don’t put too much thought into “salon etiquette” when you book your hair appointment.

However, when it comes to such etiquette, certain things can definitely make or break your experience.

If you want to have the best appointment, there are a few important guidelines that you should be following.

1. Don’t be late

It’s a simple and perhaps obvious rule, but one that many people overlook. If you’re running late for your appointment, let your stylist know. For most salons, if you’re going to be over 15 minutes late, they will suggest you reschedule your appointment. This is to avoid having a rushed appointment or making your stylist fall behind (which isn’t fair to other clients who are arriving on time!).

2. Come prepared but be realistic

If you have a certain style or colour in mind, bring photos along to show your stylist. But also be prepared to accept it if your stylist tells you “no” to certain things. That haircut on the model with stick-straight hair might not work so well on your curly locks. Your stylist will be able to offer advice and help you decide on the best options for your hair.

3. Speak up!

Many clients will sit in silence and watch as their stylist heads in a direction that they might not be too happy with. They cringe internally but outwardly, they tell their stylist that they love it.

Don’t suffer in silence! If your stylist is doing something that you don’t like, speak up and (politely) explain your feelings to them.

4. Put your phone away

Most stylists won’t mind if you send a quick text or check your phone occasionally; however, if you’re sitting with your eyes glued down to your phone or answering a bunch of calls, that’s where it gets to be rude. Not only that, but it can affect your stylist’s work since your head is generally tilted and they are not as easily able to ask you questions or get opinions on the hair style.

5. Expect to pay

This one may sound strange but you’d be surprised how many people “forget” their bank cards. If you’re coming in for a hair appointment, expect that yes, you will need to pay for the services provided to you! That means if your only means of payment is with your American Express card, it is a good idea to check that the salon accepts it. Or if you only have $60 cash on you, it’s a good idea to be aware of the salon’s costs before payment is due!

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