Protect your hair from the cold and dry fall season!


Beautiful fall weather is tiptoeing right around the corner, but something not-so-beautiful is coming with it – dryness! Cold! Yikes! This article is about how to keep your hair happy and healthy during the chilly autumn season. (and not that we’re ready to talk about it yet – but these tips will also help you this winter!)

The first and simplest option is to cover up! Hats and scarves will give your hair a great first line of defense when braving your chilly commutes outside (plus it’s a great chance to go shopping for a cute new accessory!). It’s also a great way to keep you warm, since most of our body heat escapes through our heads. Another thing to avoid at all costs is leaving home with wet hair. Having your hair out fighting against the elements means you’ll be dealing with a lot of breakage and split ends. We all know the wet hair look was popular this summer, but for now it’s got to go! (see you next summer – we will miss you!)

Another great way to keep hair moisturized and help eliminate that freaky static is to use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, and hair masks!

Find a shampoo that will help hydrate your hair – they don’t have to buy salon brands but you should be sure that it is gentle and effective. It’s also good practice in the cold months to avoid washing your hair everyday. Washing every other day will ensure that the natural oils in the hair are not stripped away unnecessarily.

Once a month, treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at the salon! It will leave your hair looking soft, silky and luxurious to the touch. It’s good to spoil yourself every once in awhile!

Hair masks are also a great option (and great to do at home on a cold night with some gal pals) for keeping your hair smooth and healthy. You can find them at salons, drug stores, or you can be adventurous and try making your own at home!

Whatever you do this fall, remember to keep your hair happy, shiny and moisturized!

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