Male Hair Trends for 2016

We’re less than a week into 2016 and the future trends keep on comin’! Guys, if you’re itching to get into the undercut phenomenon — now’s the perfect time! Fades, fades and MORE fades. The looks we’re seeing right now fresh off the runways are modified fades and undercuts from the latter part of 2015. What you’ll be seeing more of this year is a lot of longer-on-top hairstyles, and wild texturized hair. Combine these with short sides — including high fades, low fades, bald fades (with or without hard part disconnection), or simply short cuts with sheers for a more natural look.

The pompadour was a super popular men’s hairstyle in 2015. But the more classic style that was slicked back with extra hold pomades and lots of shine will be seen less except for guys that like their hair cut on the shorter side. In 2016 we’ll be seeing more modern versions of the pomp that are longer, looser, and blown dry to give some big hairstyles with movement.

Let’s take a look at these 10 new hairstyles for men for 2016!

Longer Natural Hair Slick Pomp  High Lo Fade + Medium Pompadour  High Fade With Long Hair On Top  High Fade Pompadour  Hard Part Bald Fade + Spiky Texturized Hair  Medium Length Texturized Hair + Short Sideslonger-hair-with-short-sides  textured_crop  Medium Length Men’s Hairstyle  Low Bald Fade Quiff Haircut 




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