Let’s Talk About Botox

Men and women s pursuit for eternal youth has took the human race to some incredibly crazy places over the years. Cleopatra for all her beauty must have reeked from all the time she spent bathing in Egyptian ass milk. Then there is the old favorite of Victorian facial leech application therapy which has only recently been surpassed in craziness by what Thai beauty practitioners like to call the ‘Thai Face Slap Massage.’

However, one particular beauty therapy seems to have survived beyond just being a passing trend, this therapy being the injection of the deadly bacteria Clostridium Botulinum into peoples faces, or as it is more commonly known and marketed, Botox therapy.

Of course, people don’t actually ever get physically sick from having Botox injected into their frown lines and crows feet. Instead, they experience isolated muscle and soft tissue paralysis, paralysis which after a short while can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Does Botox Really Make People Look Younger?

Yes. Botox works. Frowned or been surprised a little to frequently in your lifetime? Botox can and will eradicate the evidence in next to no time. In fact, it’s because Botox works that it’s still so popular and credible as a beauty treatment. Are there any negative physical side effects of Botox? No. Botox is completely safe no matter how many times you have it. Botox is if you like, the safest,  most legitimate and most cost effective way to start looking visibly younger that has ever been.


Really? Is Botox Really So Risk Free?

There are however, a few things which people need to keep in mind when thinking about Botox. First, can you afford series of monthly injections on a permanent basis? The effects of Botox after all, only last for two months maximum and if people suddenly can’t afford to keep topping up with Clostridium Botulinum, they are prone to fall victim to rapidly aging Cinderella syndrome.

Of course, rapidly aging Cinderella syndrome isn’t actually a real disease. However, suddenly stopping Botox after months and years of treatment can lead to what looks like rapid aging, purely due to people having forgot what they naturally look like. Then of course, there’s Barbie and Ken syndrome where people regularly using Botox start to appear somewhat plastic due to the fact that they find it difficult to express any kind of emotion.


More Serious Botox Business

However, while Botox has been busy over the past ten years freezing celebrities faces, it has also been busy working miracles for sufferers of serious health problems. Proven to prevent migraines and work year round to mitigate arthritic aches and pain, Botox regularly changes the lives of people who aren’t necessarily worried first and foremost about how they look in the mirror each morning. Indeed, Botox is increasingly being injected directly into enlarged mens prostate glands due to it being able to give twelve month at a time periods of relief from urinary tract infections and frequent urination.


Time To Start Talking?

All this being the case, Botox isn’t necessarily just a one stop cure for wrinkles. Suffering from arthritic pain? Sick of your other half waking you up every few hours as he goes to pee? Maybe it’s time we start talking about Botox for things that might be a little more serious than just crow’s feet and frown lines.


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