Layrite Cement Hair Clay

layrite-cement_720x600_grandeIt can be extremely difficult to find a hair product that meets all of your needs simultaneously. Some products offer extreme hold, but flake, weigh down your hair, or are difficult to get out. Others are more pliable, but don’t hold your style in place all day. Layrite Cement Hair Clay offers a nice balance between hold and pliability. It’s a men’s water based styling clay with a matte finish. It comes in a four ounce tub, and costs $19 US (around $25 Canadian dollars).

Overall, the clay works well, especially if you need all day hold without greasiness or shine. The matte finish looks nice and clean – you will never end up with an overly slick or wet look. The hold lasts all day, while still remaining pliable. You don’t get the feeling that your hair is stationary or that you can’t move it – it’s still easy to rework if you want to change your style throughout the day (although you will probably need to use water, as

the product is thick). The clay binds individual hairs together, which is what gives it the long lasting hold, but it is still soft, which prevents hair from feeling crunchy or stiff. It is pretty easy to wash out due to it’s soft texture – you won’t have to scrub forever to remove it. It also doesn’t flake away during the day because of its softness.

There are a few cons to the product – because of its pliable texture, it may not hold extremely heavy hair all day long. If you want your hair to be completely indestructible, you may want to go for a different product. If you have extremely thin hair, it also could weight it down if you use too much. It also can get a bit expensive for just a four ounce tub, especially if you use it often. However, if it works for your hair type, the cost will definitely be worth it, especially because it doesn’t leave buildup or flakes in your hair, which will help keep it healthy.

The product has a light vanilla scent. It is mild and generally appealing to most people. It is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing white jar with black and gold labeling, and Layrite’s pinup girl logo. To apply, use a small amount on damp or dry hair, and use a wet comb or hands to style your hair how you want it. The amount you need to get a successful style is small – don’t overdo it or you may have a difficult time getting the style you need. The product is also a little more difficult to work with than a typical pomade, just because of the thickness, but after a few uses it should be easy to get the style you want.

Overall, most consumers have reviewed this product positively, applauding it’s strong hold, lack of flakiness, and mild scent. If you need a product that will hold your style all day long, but still want some pliability, Layrite Cement is the product for you.

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