How Short Should I Go?

Every woman should try short hair at least once in her life. But finding a short length that flatters can be a bit of a challenge.
How Short Hair

Every woman should try short hair at least once in her life. But finding a short length that flatters can be a bit of a challenge. Right now, the hottest short styles are edgy and modern: long bangs and short sides, messy shags, pompadours, unstructured or long bobs. But your face shape and the texture of your hair matters to which style will best suit you. Of course, there are ways to make every style suit your face, but a great place to start is with what flatters.

Want a pixie cut? This cut looks great on oval, heart-shaped and square faces. And with the trend of going a bit longer on top, this style can also look great on a rounder face, as it offers up contrasting angles. However, if your face is long, this cut can emphasize the length, so it might be best to avoid. It also tends to look good on petite women (though Charlize rocks it on her statuesque frame, so don’t let that stop you!), and with straight or wavy hair. If your face is oval, you can get away with styling a pixie in some really funky ways as well.

blue hair
Going short shouldn’t make you blue… Step out of the ordinary & become extraordinary!

A shaggy, long bob is a great haircut of the moment. Depending on the length, it can work for any face shape. With some waviness, it can be ideal for long faces, to add some width to the face, or for square faces, to add softness to the edges. Chin length and tapered will give you the best shape. Wavy hair and slightly curly hair work best; if your hair is fine and stick straight, this might not be the best look, unless you have an oval or round face.

Bobs are a great cut for almost any face shape, though they look particularly great on oval, heart-shaped and long faces. If you have a round shape, the wrong bob will look especially unflattering, but with an exaggerated side part that cuts across the face, it offsets the roundness nicely, giving the illusion of a more oval shape. If you have a square face but a long neck, a bob that is just barely past the chin can make the face look a bit longer. Alternatively, a graduated bob with more weight and length around the face can also soften the edges of a squarish face. Long, messy bobs look especially good on heart-shaped faces. Again, a little texture from curl or wave can make the messy easier.

Whatever your face shape or hair texture, short hair can really bring out your features and help you look

more sophisticated. And it has to take into account your personality – you want that to shine most of all. Why not give a crop a try?

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  1. The styles and effects you can get with the RIGHT short cut are awesome! From edgy & funktacular, to classy & understated. Step up to the plate & take the plunge — worse comes to worse, it always grows back. 🙂

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