Hairstyles We Love at Dollhouse Hair Boutique: Braids

Braids! Oh how we love them here at Dollhouse Hair Boutique! From simple and chic, to complex and whimsical – who can say no to that wonderful braid?

You can find a ton of different variations from all around the world. This blog post will focus on a few great braids to help you get started on your soon-to-be braid obsession!

Headband braid (Super easy)

Take a small section of hair from one side of your head above your ear and braid normally (try to braid forward and keep it loose at the scalp). Pull the secured braid up and over your head and sit it like a headband. Secure above your opposite ear with bobby pins. Cute and simple!

Fishtail braid (Easy, but looks intricate – most can get it on their first try!)

Part your hair in two sections. For a messier look tease your hair lightly before, and separate with your hands rather than a comb. You can start at the base of your head or at the crown for a french braid version.

start with your right section. Take a piece from the back and bottom of the section, bring it up, over, and across the right section, then underneath the left section. Repeat, alternating right, then left. The smaller the sections, the more intricate it will look.

To step it up and make it look even messier, lightly tug at the strands of hair in the finished braid and loosen them slightly from their resting place – but not hard enough to pull the entire strand out.

Halo braid (Medium-hard difficulty. Tricky at first, and your arms may get tired, but it’s well-worth the effort!)

Start from your preferred side. You are braiding a simple french braid, and working along your crown. The biggest tip is to remember to braid nice and snug and focus on pulling the length of your hair down into the braid. This will keep your hair nice and smooth on the back of your head.
The trickiest part of the process is working upwards past the halfway point. If you remember to braid snugly you can take short breaks and let your arms rest!

Once you have made it all the way around, braid the leftover length into a regular braid, secure with a tie and tuck the length alongside the beginning of the braid.

You may have a few flyaways depending on your hair length – secure these with bobby pins. You can also lightly tug on the braid to loosen it and help pull loose ends that may be sticking out – but be gentle.

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