Hairstyles to fit the shape of your face!

Everyone wants to look their best – but when it comes to hairstyles, not every look will work for everyone. The trick is to match our hairstyles to our face shapes! It’s one of the best ways to find a killer new style that is guaranteed to look perfect on you.

For oval faces (Think Charlize Theron) you’re in luck! You have the ability to wear many shapes and styles, especially with layers and bobs. These will help you to accentuate all the different parts of your face depending how you style
Avoid: hairstyles that will cover your beautiful face and eyes!

The lovely ladies with round faces (Just like Drew Barrymore!) will look great with long sleek hairstyles with height! You can try a middle part to lengthen your face, and side swept bangs look sweet!
Avoid: chin length cuts and heavy bangs!

The striking square shaped face (à la Natalie Portman) has the benefit of being able to pull off super long sexy hair! Alternatively, long or tapered bobs and side swept bangs look great too.
Avoid: blunt bangs and single length bobs!

The renowned heart shaped face (lucky girls like Reese Witherspoon) is well matched with pixie cuts, any kind of bang (yay!), and long curls that start past the cheekbone!
Avoid: Hairstyles that have too much volume at the top!

Triangular faces ( like Victoria Beckham) look great with layered hairstyles! Layers, layers everywhere! You can wear any length of hair that you desire as long as you’re building volume above the cheekbones!
Avoid: Hairstyles with too much volume around the jawline!

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