Hair Part Theory – Are You Manly or Feminine?


The way people wear their hair will inevitably cause judgments from other people. If you never get a haircut and never wash your hair, people will think you are a bum. If you get dreadlocks, people will think you are a hippie or raver. If you have a mohawk, people will think you are a metal-head. If you get a double inverted frohawk mullet bob, no one will ever talk to you again. The list goes on – certain hairstyles reflect certain personalities.

What you might not know is that there are even subtler elements of hairstyles that cause judgement to be made upon you.

hair parted

Part down the middle? He goes both ways.

For example, an extensive study conducted by anthropologists came up with the Hair Part Theory. They determined that, for whatever reason, people unconsciously form different opinions about you based on which side you part your hair on.

You’ve probably never noticed, but all high-powered male celebrities part their hair on the left. Why? Because if a male parts his hair on the right, the study shows that other people automatically assume he is “more sensitive, effeminate, and nerdy.”

The reason for this is because, again, for whatever reason, most males part their hair on the left. So if a male decides to part his hair on the right, he is doing the opposite thing regular manly men do. Our unconscious minds are a complex thing that science hardly understands, so who knows what our brains tell us to believe or feel.


“He shaves from left to right? He must secretly be a woman.”

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